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My Books

Bluebell - A True Time-Travelling Fairytale



The beginning of this short story:

"My name is Sara. I look like a bluebell. I wish to be a forest elf, but in fact I’m a flower fairy.

I love to jump around in the forest and sing. It makes everyone happy. Also, I’m the guitar player and leader of a band. They’re fairies, leprechauns and elves, and they play wooden instruments and sing.

My home is in a tree. My mum is sick. She will die. She says that I’m her last hope. She says she needs a shaman who sings for her. A human shaman.

I want to help her. I ask everyone in the forest about the shaman. But no one knows about a shaman. So I ask Mother Earth, and she says that the human I am looking for lives in the city.

The city. The energies there are dark and rough. How can I trust these humans? When they are in the forest, they trample everything and they don’t see us. Only the children sing our melodies. Which human can see and hear us? I will find him. What I need is courage. I will take my friends with me."

Meditation Is My Medication

- How I discovered the universe inside and found healing



Meditation is my Medication is my autobiographic story of my spiritual awakening in 2015, with anecdotes from my life before 2015, from being the class clown to getting drugs from the ADD doctor, to my life-changing experiences in 2015, when I discovered that meditation is my medication.