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Magic Music

Are you feeling down and need some encouragement?

Listen to my song Take It Easy :)

About my music:

I compose, improvise, play, record, edit, mix and master my own music. I find great freedom in practicing these skills and producing my music from the first idea to the final audio file independently. For over ten years, I have played in several bands, several genres (pop, rock, metal, musical, progressive rock), on several instruments (keys, guitar, bass, drums, vocals). I love playing and creating together in a team, yet my ideas often lost their original spirit while we were trying to realize them, and that is why I turned back to producing music on my own.

My music is an individual mix, inspired by Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Classical Music, Progressive Rock, Metal, Soundtracks and Meditative Music. With the influence of meditative music into my lifestyle, I tune all my instruments into the tuning of A=432Hz (standard tuning is A=440Hz), which is beneficial for health, relaxing, and also easier for singing.

With my passion to support spiritual growth and healing, I have combined energy work with music: I send Reiki and Energy Healing through my music, so that you can benefit from these energies while listening to the music, which I call Magic Music.

The first album that I produced completely on my own, is called Magic Numbers, released on 16th December 2016, and available for download on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and many other shops.

The album Magic Numbers is a musical meditation on Numerology. Inspired by the connection of meditation, numerology and chakras, I improvised these tracks on piano, synthesizer, guitar and djembe.

Track 1 is "1 Up" - a reference to the numerological meaning of the number 1 (New Beginnings, Individuality, Courage, Action), the first chakra (Root Chakra: grounded, calm, peaceful, trust, new life) and the extra life in the super mario video game. This track was like a new beginning, a new life of peaceful meditation music for me. You can download the track "1 Up" for free by signing up for the newsletter.


Do you want to find out more about numerology?


In this video you learn how to calculate your life path number (your own personal Magic Number!) and you listen to snippets of all the Magic Numbers tracks:

If you are looking for creative collaboration, please contact me. I can compose and produce music for your specific purpose - for example, a soundtrack for your youtube channel, or music that supports energy healing, relaxation, meditation, yoga, therapy, massage, or tai chi.